Monday, March 29, 2010

Schylling Flatsy Doll Slumber Party Play Set Review

Schylling was kind enough to send the Flatsy Doll Slumber Party Play Set to review. Me and my daughter Brielle was so happy to receive this to review has she loves dolls with accessories. I loved to play with these doll accessories when I was a little girl.

Flatsy is back. She's a recreation of the classic 1960s doll. Flatsy can bend into any pose. Dress up Flatsy and style her hair. Just slip Flatsy in your pocket and she goes with you everywhere. This Flatsy Slumber Party Play Set includes 2 Flatsy dolls, clothing and accessories. Hours of fun. Ages 3 and up.
The Flatsy Doll is a 1960 s classic that is a fun twist on the traditional doll! You can bend her and pose her, dress her and style her, Flatsy is fun in so many ways! The Schylling Toys Flatsy Doll is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Flasty brings back memories from when I was a child. My daughter loves her and thinks she is so cool. She loves that her whole body is bendable and her hair is easy to comb and style. They are compact to stick in your pocket or little purse. (VERY SWEET DOLLS) My daughter enjoyed playing with them since they come with hair accessories and a brush. Overall they are cute little dolls.
Collect all of them to Style Them, Dress Them, and Pose Them! "FLATSY, she's flat and that's that!"