Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Monkey Brains is a new collection of hair care that allows kids to be kids. Monkey Brains is a new collection of hair care that allows you to express yourself. To be fun, be cool and be yourself! Look around. How many styles do you spot everyday: spikes, fauxhawks, and controlled messiness... Everyone you see is sporting an individual look! With 2 Gels, 2 Glues, a Pomade, a Hair Refresher and a Shampoo and Conditioner you will be able to rock whatever hairstyle you're feelin' at that moment.One day you don't feel like getting in the shower and the next you're searching for the hair gel. But you're confident about how you want to look on any given day. Monkey Brains gives you the tools to look cool and have fun doing it.

Goop Out Shampoo - Goop Out is the ultimate deep cleansing but totally gentle shampoo for you! This stuff will remove excess gunk and leave hair so clean your mom won't believe it!

Gone Bananas Hair Refreshener - A few pumps of this waterless foam shampoo and you're good to go. After a game or a workout Gone Bananas will keep your parental units from going ape cause you're ditchin' the shower.

Psycho Sticky Hair Glue - There is no messing around with this glue! For gravity-defying styles this 12+ hold (on a scale of 1-10 that's nuts) will keep your most inventive style in place all day. Not even hurricane force winds will knock your do down! All day holding power and NO flakes!

Super Softy Conditioner - You play hard but your hair should be soft! So why not follow your shampoo with a conditioner? This one was made to fix your hair from all the playing you do to your do.

Twisted Sticky Hair Glue - Whether hanging out with friends or just chillin' upside down in your room, your crazy do will stay right where you want it! This Glue is a 9 out of 10 for hold and is quick to dry so know what you want to create and then ready, set, go! All day holding power and NO flakes!

Grease Monkey Hair Pomade - No need for extreme? This is your pomade! You'll be sporting crazy high-shine style when you spark up your do! This non-oily, medium hold, water based pomade dissolves in water so when you're done, it's done too! Go to school or dinner with the fam well groomed or go ape-wild to a party or game.

Crazy Sticky Hair Gel - Boys and Girls this is the ULTIMATE in hold for crazy spiking and radical styling. Tame that crazy hair coming out of your noggin and make it behave the way you want it to! This gel is an 8 on a scale of 1-10 for hold. All day holding power and NO flakes!

Super Sticky Hair Gel - 10++ on a scale of 1-10 for hold, this gel is EXTREME! Flip out your do with crazy results! Create amazing effects, wild waves, messy (and temporary) dreads and perfect spikes that stay right where you put 'em. Even though this gel may be extremely crazy, it's made with good stuff to protect hair while holding your crazy do! All day holding power and NO flakes!

I received full size bottles of the shampoo and conditioner as well as sample packets of the hair gel and hair glue. They have the cute monkeys on the bottles, and the bottles are shaped like bananas! How Fun and Cute! I was thinking they might smell like banana too, but they just kind of smell like a fruity smell? I love the smell though. It's refreshing and yummy.

But most importantly, they leave my kids hair super clean without being stripped at all, and very soft. It lathers up really well and it cleaned my kids hair completely in one wash. No need to rinse & repeat with this Monkey Brains shampoo.

For the Monkey Brains conditioner, they recommend leaving it in your hair for a couple minutes before rinsing, which I did. The result was super soft, gorgeous hair. I love it! Kids' hair products typically smell the best and also come in cute packaging, and these Monkey Brains products are no exception!

You can purchase any of the Monkey Brains hair care collection for $3.99 each. Products are available at Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, Food 4 Less and Ralph's. Also you can go to the Monkey Brains website and use their store locator to find the closest retailer near you!

Monkey Brains is offering one lucky Mother of 1 Princess and 2 Princes reader a chance to win Super Sticky Hair Gel and the Grease Monkey Pomade.

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