Saturday, September 25, 2010


Attention, ladies. The scent you already adore just got even better! Introducing NEW Scent Expressions Body Splash. Double up by layering it with your antiperspirant/deodorant in Coco Butter Kiss, So Very Summerberry and Ooh-La-La Lavender for 2x the scent experience!

11 Fabulous Ways to sparkle one for every you! Discover Your Scent Expression!!!
* Cherry Mischief
* Va Va Vanilla
* Fabulously Floral
* Diva La Daisy
* Totally Tropical
* Pretty in Peach
* Truth or Pear
* Coco Butter Kiss
* Ooh-la-la Lavender
* So Very Summerberry
* Wild Jasmine

What scent are you feeling today? Visit Secret to see what scent you are and learn about each scent.

Cherry Mischief - A little sweet and a whole lotta sour - a Cherry Mischief girl is just the right mix of naughty and spice. You love to stir up trouble and are always looking for an adventure. Your mischievous ways are harmless, but watch how you wield them - you might break a few hearts without meaning to.
VaVa Vanilla - Va Va Vroom! A Va Va Vanilla girl is all about glam. When you arrive every party becomes a red carpet event. From a fantastic outlook on life to a superior sense of style, you create a buzz and still keep your cool. It's not all about screaming fans and paparazzi - embrace your glamorous side but don't forgot to keep it real.
Fabulously Floral - From her big personality to her bright sense of style, a Fabulously Floral girl is bold and beautiful. With no effect, you make everyone around you feel like a million bucks. Your fresh approach makes a big splash - look for ways to give your quieter friends the spotlight.
Diva La Daisy - Dare to be a Diva! A Diva La Daisy girl demands attention and owns every room. Friends love your sassy outlook and sense of style. You're always looking for a stage to shine on. Make sure you have plenty of ways to express yourself to keep from going crazy!
Totally Tropical - Make'em melt. A Totally Tropical girl heats things up with her passion and sunny outlook. Your friends look to you for motivation - you make the everyday exotic with a fiery flair for the fantastic. You're naturally passionate, but don't forget to cool off. Stay refreshed by making time to relax and unwind.
Pretty 'n Peach - You're pretty and peppy and let everyone know it! A Pretty 'N Peach girl can win anyone over with her big smile and upbeat attitude. Forget the caffeine - Pretty 'N Pretty is all you need to stay perky. Energy and pep are your strengths, but be sure to rejuvenate with some quality. R&R time. It will keep you feelin' pretty.
Truth or Pear - You've got a flair for daring. A Truth or Pear girl loves crossing the line - and taking everybody with her! Your friends can't get enough of your sassy ways and fresh approach to fun. Sometimes you'll take things too far - use your positive outlook and energy to sweeten the situation.
Coco Butter Kiss - When it comes to cute, you're right up there with buttons and bunnies. A Coco Butter Kiss girl can brighten any day with her charm. A touch of coco sweetness and a kiss of kindness make you irresistible. The cute factor works in your most of the time, but some might not take you seriously at first. Just be patient - they'll come around.
Ooh-La-La Lavender - Not much gets to an Ooh-La-La Lavender girl. You know how to keep things laid back and take life in stride. Your cool outlook keeps your friends coming back for hang-out time and grounded advice. Your mellow vibe might be mistaken for slacking. Luckily, you have no problem keeping calm until others can see that you're focused.
So Very Summerberry - A So Very Summerberry girl makes every party her ball and turns boys into princes when she enters the room. You're known for a sweet demeanor that makes every heart melt. Your steady smile is appreciated by most but can be misunderstood by some. Stay poised and even the frogs will be charmed.
Wild Jasmine - A wild jasmine girl doesn't just walk on the wild side. She owns it. You bring your bold beat everywhere you go - and people notice. And just like jasmine, you thrive in the heart of the moment. Your fabulous flourish will land you in hot water from time to time, but don't worry - with a little creativity and luck you'll end up on top.
One Mother of 1 Princess and 2 Princes reader will win the Body Spray and Deodorant in Secret Scent Expressions in Cherry Mischief, So Very Summerberry, Ooh-La-La Lavender and Fresh Water Orchid.
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