Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have a daughter who loves to sing around the house. Do you have a child around the house that loves to sing? Ever get tried of hearing the same old songs they sing around the house!

We had the chance to review the Heart Songs for Children CD. My daughter Brielle played the CD over and over again and even learned some great songs. As a mom it's nice to have kid friendly music with such positive lyrics, and I'm glad it also helps my daughter feel better about herself.

Institute of HeartMath gets kids singing along to positive emotional development New Heart Songs for children CD offers emotional intelligence and fun!

Children are naturally heart-centered and they love to sing and move. They can sing and move to their heart’s content with these special songs that not only will inspire and uplift them, but also teach them about their emotions. When children begin to understand and learn how to self-regulate their emotions at an early age, it can help build self-assurance and make their school years more enjoyable and successful. Within minutes of hearing these heart-warming songs, your child will be singing and moving right along with the music of Heart Songs. The album includes a narrated version of Shift and Shine™, one of HeartMath’s emotional self-regulation techniques that gives children an early start at developing and strengthening positive attitudes and emotions. You will receive a booklet of song lyrics that includes suggested movements to enhance your child’s musical experience.
These products incorporate a wealth of scientific research that shows children can gain substantial benefits by making mind, body and heart connections. They’re based on the science of heart coherence, a measurable physiological state that underlies optimal learning and performance and which helps build resilience.

1. A Little Wheel Turning in My Heart
2. This Little Heart of Mine
3. A Little Wheel Turning in My Heart (instrumental)
4. I Have Lots of Feelings
5. My Heart Has a Feeling
6. L.O.V.E.
7. I Can Shine
8. Shift and Shine™ Technique
The Institute of HeartMath's online store has a section here just for kids and their families and the Heart Songs CD can be purchased here: The Institute of HeartMath also has many great online resouces for kids, parents, educators and caregivers. Click here to check out the HeartMath My Kids!


POOF! Just Like Magic! That's how easy it is to fall in love with Kathryn the Grape and her magical butterfly friend, Maggie! Find out more about the first Kathryn the Grape book and the authors and illustrator who brought this book to life!

"The world is ready for a character like Kathryn the Grape, whose initial exploits with her magical butterfly friend, Maggie, demonstrate the value of helping others, being fearless, and doing the right thing," Cloward said. "This book will delight children and parents alike with its symbolic messages, vibrant colors, and artistic details."
Did you know YOU are magical? Join Kathryn the Grape and Maggie on their journey and discover the excitement of being magical. Kathryn and Maggie are waiting for you. Are you ready? Let's go!
Kathryn The Grape by Kathryn Cloward is a great children's book. The illustrations are amazing, and the words are simple enough for a child to understand and comprehend what the story is about. I love a kids book that "teaches" something, as well as tells a story. Very nice book!
Brielle wanted me to read the book over again at bedtime. Kathryn the Grape is a vibrantly drawn storybook that kids and parents of all ages will enjoy reading and re-reading. The authors display a clear, strong voice that communicates an important message to young readers - "You Are Magical". A great addition to any one's library.
We will continue to enjoy the important messages included throughout this story.
Would you like to share the magic with someone special? Visit Kathryn the Grape to purchased this great book.
Did you know that $1.00 from every book sold on is donated to nonprofit agencies? It's true! Find out more about how we give back through the Kathryn the Grape Foundation.


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