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Little kids have great imaginations. I have seen more and more imaginative play with my kids. Along with their imagination comes along the notions of being afraid of the dark, monsters, and more. Fairytale Wishes has a fun line of sprays especially for kids. They have sprays ranging from Sweet Dreams, and Monster Repellent, to Super Hero and Happy Camper.

All of the product at Fairytale Wishes, Inc. were conceived and developed by Mompreneur, Debbie Glickman. After searching for remedies to get her two young children to overcome common anxieties such as sleeplessness, fear of monsters under the bed, separation issues etc., she developed a line of natural aromatherapy sprays that empower children to overcome these fears. Each bottle comes with a mini fairytale written by the Magic Fairytale Wishes Frog, Freddy, which explains why each particular scent will help them overcome their fear.

I love mom inspired companies. I always have, and it's amazing to me what moms are able to come up with. Visit Fairytale Wishes to learn more about Debbie Glickman and how she started this Fairytale Wishes sprays for little children for all ages.

We really enjoyed the sprays that I received for review. My kids really enjoyed the sprays. I think they enjoyed the Monster Repellent the best as they would spray under their beds and in their closet every night before bedtime. They would laugh because they said the little monsters would run away screaming BUBBLEGUM, BUBBLEGUM RUN, RUN!!!! I was laughing so hard and it sure was fun to watch them spray the sprays where they needed it. I think this is a great product for all children.

Here are a little information about her wonderful sprays for little children.
Sweet Dream Spray: The soothing lavender scent will help chase your child's bad dreams away. Just one spray on your child's pillow can reassure them that the "magic" sweet dream spray will help them have great night's sleep!
Monster Repellent Bubblegum Spray: Did you know that Monsters are terrified of bubblegum? It gets in their fur and their tentacles and gets really icky and sticky. The scent alone scares them away! Just spray the bubblegum scented spray anywhere you think a monster or bed bug might lurk and they will keep far away.
Super Hero Spray: This energetic scent will help your child when they need a little extra courage. First day of school, going to the doctor, hospital visits, going to a friend's house for the first time, and etc... Just give your child's shirt a little spritz with the "magic" Superhero spray and your child will have courage for the whole day.
Happy Camper Spray: Going away from home can be really scary for kids of all ages. Send them to camp with our grape jelly scented spray. This sweet scent will help make them less homesick and they can spray it on their pillow when they need a little dose of "home".
Giving Kids A Happily Ever After!!!!
Debbie at Fairytale Wishes is offering one Mother of 1 Princess and 2 Princes reader to win one spray of their choice and also a note from Freddy the Frog with your child's name.
MANDATORY: Visit Fairytale Wishes and tell me which spray you would like if you are the winner.
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