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The most divine of senses delve into the world of scent and discover your inspiration with Auric Blends. Whatever you are looking for to inspire your senses, you can find it at Auric Blends.

I got to review a couple of Auric Blends products. I was very pleased with all of them. With Christmas coming these products would be perfect for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.
This natural perfume is made with only essential oils, resins, jojoba and vitamin E oils. It does not contain any parabens, petroleum products or synthetic fragrances or colors. I love the scent and the fact that a little goes a long way. People made compliments to me on the scent.
Siren is a fresh lemon oil and lemongrass blended with rich florals. Sage and thyme add to the base a lively herbaceous quality.

I really like this scent and it's kind of a floral, and a lovely perfume alternative. I really like oils as they tend to not be as strong as alcohol based perfume, and blend with the body chemistry well. It is a nice choice, smells very feminine, and my husband loves it on me!
Layla is an enticing floral with Moroccan and Bulgarian rose, jasmine and orange flower blossom. Sandalwood and vetiver notes blend with just a touch of the spice of clove to create a complex perfume.
A rich essences of coconut, evoking the tropics and a sublimely delicious aroma. Creamy and velvety and brought to you in a handcraved rosewood container. It makes a beautiful gift for yourself, or someone special in your life. Take a small amount of the resin and rub between your fingers until it softens, then apply anywhere you would apply perfume.
This perfume has the most softest, alluring fragrance to it that I have ever smelled before. If you're into clean, soft fragrances then you will love this. I was very happy with this product. The fragrance is not overpowering but softly sweet, warm and very feminine.
Egyptian Goddess combines soft florals, light powder and musk to create a perfume that is seductive, feminine and enticing.
This perfume is a beautiful scent! I receive so many compliments on it whenever I wear it! A very yummy smell and a great compact way to carry around a good smell for all occasions that is not overbearing.
Love is a delicious blend of just a touch of the Egyptian Goddess and white amber, white musk and woods.
Visit Auric Blends to see all their products and learn about each one of them. They have Perfume oils, perfume solids, Incense and Auric Blends Naturals.
Auric Blends is offering five lucky Mother of 1 Princess and 2 Princes readers a chance to win a Auric Blends product.
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Miss Trimble's Trapdoor is an imaginative books series with a back to basics approach to teaching US history. The books feature a fictional classroom full of memorable modern day characters alongside historical figures such as the pilgrims, the founding feathers of the United States, and Christopher Columbus. Barney, the wise talking dog, is main character Tyler Thompson's guide as he visits the lessons of history firsthand.

Former elementary school teacher and mom of three Lori Jordan-Rice is proud to be the author of this new series that will delight parents, teachers, and kids (even ones who hate history and reading)!

My 3rd grade daughter literally couldn't put this book down. She read it and said she could see it as a TV series. She is anxiously awaiting more Miss Trimble's books. They teach not only history lessons, but also teach life lessons that children of all ages can relate to!
The author, Lori Jordan-Rice creates a fantasy world by taking a classroom setting throwing in a touch of magic to formulate something that children will love.
The illustrations are awesome and the story is besides educational, extremely entertaining. I was transported into the book and at times forgot that I was supposed to be reviewing a child's book. This book series would make a great movie for children. The author also has a great moral lesson entwined in the story that doesn't beat you over the head but won't be lost on the youngest of readers.
I enjoyed reading about U.S. History in a way that is interesting to me and would be interesting to a child learning about Christopher Columbus for the first time. I think Lori's books are a great addition to a home school curriculum. I also liked the moral lesson in the story to have perseverance.
What a fun and educational way to teach kids about historical events and the every day challenges that some students face. I became so absorbed in this story it was hard to put the book down. My daughter finished the first book in three days. She's almost done with book two and is anxious for more.... We love these books!!! Excellent creativity and educational values were instilled by the writer, Awesome Job!!! :)
What a creative approach to presenting history in an appealing and palatable manner to students, and I look forward to reading future books in the series. Highly Recommended!
Fun, educational books for kids ages 6-12 that teach American history and life lessons. The books are hardcover with dustjackets with beautiful full color illustrations from Disney's Fox Carlton Hughes. The first two books in the series now available are Miss Trimble's Trapdoor and Miss Trimble's Trapdoor: The Perseverance of Christopher Columbus. Look for them online or at your local bookstore!


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