Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It's the middle of the week. It's great for the people that work during the week. Yeah! (only two more days to the weekend). OK! so had my monthly nervous breakdown that comes with having a girl (Yes A Girl) hopefully I am good for the next 30 days because if not I think I may have a stroke! My daughter wakes up around 9:30 every morning not caring to seeing me or even interesting in eating breakfast. She wakes up and gets dress and goes outside and plays with her friends across the street until evening time. She does comes home and gets drink and maybe grabs a couple of her toys. Says Hi Mommy Bye Mommy and walks out. WHATEVER!! I do have a big picture window with my blinds open to watch the girls play and so does these girls mom. Well my point is she comes in from playing all day and takes a nice bubble bath and gets herself clean up and eats like a horse maybe watches about an hour T.V. and goes to bed.

The lady across the street bought the house and has 3 girls all around my daughter's age. She is so sweet the mother of the 3 girls. I talk everyday with her mostly evening time when it is time to come in from playing. We talk about what the girls play and do all day. The house was up for sale a very long time. My daughter would say I wish somebody with kids would buy the house across the street so I would have friends to play with. Well, she got her wish and mommy never sees her baby girl. :o(

Lesson of the day: Life is better when you are happy, but life is at its best when other people are happy because of your actions! Have A Super Hump Day Wednesday!!! :o)


I was sent the Seaglass Brugo Travel Mug to try for my review. I really liked the style of this coffee mug and I couldn't wait to try it out. The Brugo Travel Mug is the only travel mug in the world to have a patented temperature control chamber which makes your coffee fit to sip making it the perfect temperature for drinking.

I love drinking coffee and hot chocolate. Coffee and hot chocolate has to be just the right temperature to be enjoyable. Too hot and you could scald your mouth, too cold and it tastes disgusting. I was really curious to see how this coffee mug could get HOT coffee or hot chocolate to cool so quickly.

Here's how it works:
The lid has three options: Lock, Tip & Cool, and Sip. In the lock setting, the mug is sealed and spill proof. You would use the Sip setting to use it as a traditional mug. The Tip & Cool setting transfer the liquid into the temperature control chamber, where the liquid reaches the perfect temperature.
See other features of the Brugo Travel Mug:
* 16-ounce capacity
* Double-wall insulation
* Stainless steel finish
* Fits most cup holders
* No-sip bottom
* Ergonomic grip
* 13 different colors
YES!! It really does work and is amazing at how fast it drops the temperature of your drink. I would recommend the Brugo Mug for anyone who drinks hot beverages. It really does make the entire drink just the right temperature. I also love all of the cool color choices that the Brugo mug offers.
Tea, coffee and hot chocolate it's not just for breakfast anymore. Take your coffee or hot brew with you anywhere, anytime, but keep in control with your Brugo Travel Mug. It's simple in today's fast paced environment, what better way to get control and look cool than with your own Brugo Travel Mug.
BRUGO'S patented design controls hot beverages sip by sip. Available in today's trendiest colors, with contemporary stainless steel and chrome finish accents, BRUGO will keep you on the move.
Lock: seals the flavor of your favorite brew in tight.
Sip: lets you bypass the Temperature Control Chamber after your brew has cooled to your desired drinking temperature.
Tip & Cool: Tip your BRUGO Travel Mug away from you for a few seconds to move your hot brew from the lower chamber to the patented Temperature Control Chamber. Swill with a "brandy" motion to cool that sip to the Perfect Temperature. The longer the motion, the cooler the tip.
Control. That's what the BRUGO travel mug is all about. So sip back and control your full flavored hot brew in the BRUGO travel mug. Here's to moving and grooving, thanks to your BRUGO travel mug.
Brugo Mug has generously offered to give one lucky Mother of 1 Princess and 2 Princes reader his or her own Brugo Mug!
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