Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Summer has officially begun!!! Woke up late (YAY!!) I made a big breakfast this morning to celebrate SCHOOL is out for SUMMER! I made eggs, bacon, and pancakes with biscuits so we can all sit and enjoy each other this morning! Can it get any better???? I had bread and cheese for lunch because I had a big breakfast. Now I need is a jug of wine and a nap. How about you? Hope you are having a great summer.

Don't miss today, it only comes once. My day is going great after that nap and I didn't even have a jug of wine. Ha! Ha! What can I cook for dinner since it is almost 4:30. A penny for your thoughts; but I am afraid a penny don't go far these days. What can I cook? I need some help please something fast and easy since I made a big breakfast this morning.


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