Sunday, September 26, 2010


Everybody's favorite yellow, bendy-tailed buddy loves to learn, learn, learn! Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is a whimsical, animated, preschool comedy series starring Wubbzy, an innocent, cheerful little guy who loves to play, play, play! Whether it's riding his tooter scooter, baking a chocolate doodleberry cake or playing a game of kickity-kick ball, Wubbzy just wants to have fun.

Wubbzy and his friends are wacky, stacky, figures to play with and collect. Take your pals from Wuzzleburg on adventures, or stack them up to make a Wubb-tastic pyramid. Each character is decorated to reflect the costume from the show per reference. All characters have same over all height so that they can be stacked on top of each other so the more you buy the more your stack of figures can be tall. 3 Figures to a pack. Each pack contains 2 Wubbzys and 1 additional character.

A Tale of Tails Book with Stickers - When no one wants to play with Wubbzy because of his kooky tail, he decides it's time for a new tail. Will Widget's Tail-O- Tronic 3000 help change Wubbzy's tail for the better. Or will Wubbzy decide that he likes his long, bendy tail just the way it is?
My daughter Brielle loves Wubbzy and has fun reading this book with me. If your kids like Wubbzy, they'll like this book.
Wubbzy's Wild Ride Book with Stickers - Wubbzy can't wait to race in the annual Wuzzle-burg Road Racer Rally. The grand prize is a year's supply of ice cream! Will Wubbzy be the first to zoom across the finish line? Or will the new machine be too much for Wubbzy to handle?
My daughter loves to watch the Wubbzy show. This book is a great adaptation of one of the episodes. It is the story of Wubbzy's plan to win the big race and get free ice cream for a year. But when his racer breaks down on his test run he gets his friend Widget to help improve it. However she keeps improving and improving and the day of the big race has some interesting results. It is a book about friendship, and learning when enough is enough. A great tale and fun to read.
There's a new girl in town-Daizy! With Daizy, Wubbzy and his friends Widget and Walden form a club and build a clubhouse! This interactive sticker book features a 16-page story and two pages of stickers for hours of interactive playing and reading fun! A very fun and interactive sticker book.
Visit Wubbzy website to play games and do activities online. They also have Craft & Recipes to do too. You can purchase Wubbzy products like DVD's, Toys, Books, Activity Books, Puzzles & Games, Beanie Babies and other Wubbzy products.

One Mother of 1 Princess and 2 Princes reader will win a Wubbzy Prize Pack which includes 2 Storybooks with stickers, 1 Activity Book, and 1 Kooky Kollectibles set.
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