Friday, April 16, 2010


Eat'n Park was kind enough to send us the Smiley Cookies for review. I wanted to see how they were packaged and how they held up to shipping. They were packed well and none of the cookies broke. A Smiley Cookie tips on how to keep the cookies fresh is included in the package. I just love how many different types of Smiley Cookies they have how you can create your own Smiley Cookie. Eat'n Park is the place for smiles. And now you can buy there famous Smiley Cookies online. For those of you that have never had a smiley cookie let me tell you they are great.
Brielle says they are so cute with big happy smiley faces. We thought the Smiley Cookies were fresh , soft and chewy with sugar icing, not to sweet. Brielle says YUMMY, YUMMY for my TUMMY.
To order your famous Smiley Cookies visit their website at
Custom Smiley Cookies make great favors for weddings, graduation parties, and bridal and baby showers.
Match your Smiley Cookies to your event theme. You can create your own feature. If you don't see the colors you want, they will work with you to create your custom colors! They're Smiley Cookies have long been loved by kids of ALL ages.
Smiley Cookies can now be delivered to your doorstep. Perfect for bringing a smile to any occasion. Smiley Cookies come in a variety of shapes and colors and can even be customized in the colors of your choice. Visit ENJOY!! WE DID!!!


  1. those smiley cookies look cute and delicious. :D that's a nice review on them too. i love cookies and can never say no to them. :D your little girl is adorable too. looks like she's enjoying the cookies. :)

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  2. So cute! And they look so yummy! Thanks for visiting me, I am following you back!

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  3. They look cute and delicious. Once, I had helped my Mom with the Icing part. It was supposed to be Superman. But all I got was a Monkey wearing a robe!

    BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Ta Ta

  4. Love the cookies!
    Thank you for sharing the "Grandparent" names:)
    fun to hear!

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  6. Look very cute ,and delicious.
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