Saturday, April 3, 2010


I love cute hair accessories for Brielle and I love them on all little girls in general. When I got the chance to review a hat for Lollitops I was happy. I couldn't wait to put it on Brielle. It was so cute. She wants to wear it for her cousin's birthday party next Saturday.

I received the Pastel Cupcake Bow Hat and it's ADORABLE!

This isn't just an ordinary hat though, this is a Hat/Purse. When it outgrows your child for a hat you just turn it around, pull the ribbons real tight and it's a cute purse with a cute flower on the front of it! I think this one is SO CUTE and would be adorable for any little girl.

Kim and her husband Joe have many years of retail experience between the two of them. For the past two years they have owned and run a childrens resale shop together in St. Louis, Missouri where they enjoy getting to know and give to their community. Together they have three wonderful children. They are a very busy and well grounded christian family.

Kim oversaw children's clothing stores before meeting her husband and starting a family. Retail has always been a passion of hers. Joe has years of restaurant management experience as well as retail. Quality and service are number one in their eyes when it comes to business.

The idea...

One day Kim had seen these semi-cute hats that were lacking style and function and thought....those could be SO MUCH CUTER!!! After alot of trail and error and someone asking if
the hats were purses....A NEW IDEA WAS BORN! A HAT THAT TURNS INTO A PURSE!! Brillant, cute, and functional...

The World of Lollitops USA.

Mom made in America.

Yeah and they're USA made!!! WooHoo!!

Price : The Lollitops are $30 I think this is a little pricey, but they are USA made by a mom and we definitely support those moms that work and have their own business.

Overall: **** I think they are so cute and the idea is great. I wish the Ribbons weren't so long and I also wish that there was a way for the child to make it a shoulder bag instead of just holding onto the ribbons.


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  9. The Lollitop is not made in the USA. The owner gets her hats from china for .30. She also gets her flowers and ribbon from China as well. She has workers, whom she rarely pays on time, tear out the label in the hat and sew a Lollitop label in it. She then sells the hat for $30. The worst part about it, is that the ribbon is so long it can choke a newborn.