Monday, April 26, 2010


Amy at Sweet As Pie Creations was kind enough to let me review her hair clips. You can never have enough hair accessories for your little girls when they are as cute as the ones found in the Sweet as Pie Creations ETSY Shop! Amy from Sweet as Pie Creations has the most adorable hair clips.
Amy has send me the Hedgehog and Deer hair clip
Amy has also send me the Little Red Riding Hood Hair clip.
Brielle loved the clips Amy sent. She wears them for school and wore them at a birthday party this weekend. Everyone loved them and wanted to know where we got them. The hair clips have alot of colors that match Brielle's clothes so they were a perfect match that Amy sent for us to review.
These hair clips are perfect for any outfit and are great for party favors or gifts. The clips arrive quickly and safely, attached to a cute card and inside a cute envelope. These hair clips are so adorable and we absolutely love them. Just look at the little hedgehogs smiling with their friend the deer. And the Little Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf hiding behind the brush. They are so cute!
Visit to see all of Amy's hair clips. Here are some of her other hair clips.

They're Well-Made : The ribbon is heated-sealed at the ends to prevent fraying, and it is securely hot-glued to the clips.
They're The Perfect Size: At two inches long, these clips are just the right size for any little girl's hair.
They Stay In Place: They stayed in my little girls hair all day while running and playing at a birthday party and at school. What a relief to find a hair accessory that actually stays in. This would be an excellent hair clip with a little girl with fine hair.
They're Affordable: The accessories in Amy's shop are all offered for a very reasonable price. There is something for everyone at the Sweet As Pie Creations Shop.
Amy the seller is friendly and professional , ships quickly, and packages her items well. Amy has a 100% positive feedback.
I highly recommend checking out all the wonderful hair accessories available in the Sweet As Pie ETSY shop. You can purchase any of these hair accessories from $1 to $5.50, depending on the accessory chosen. Visit


  1. Wow, this looks familiar! Haha, it looks like you liked the same things about these clips as I did in my review. :)

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Tuesday Tag-Along blog hop in less than an hour! :D

  2. Great ideas. I get my granddaughter off to school each day so am always looking for fun things to use in her hair. Thank you!

  3. I checked the site out and wow, those clips are so cute and reasonably priced too. My girls would love them. The clips are very different from the dull selections at our local drugstores in San Francisco.

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  5. Thanks for participating in this weeks Monday Madness! I hope you have a great week!

    Micael :D

    P.S. I totally want that first clip for myself! So cute!

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  9. Wow, those clips are super cute! Great review. I bet you brought her a bunch of business. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hard to believe you're the first person I've come across that is using this background. LOL.

    All the best!