Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I can't wait to tell you all the summer fun things we do in the summer, but first, may I ask you a favor regarding an upcoming review?

The gracious people at CSN Stores have offer me an Roadmaster 34" Steel Wagon to review. With 200 + stores, CSN carries everything from cookware to sofas

I was pretty excited about this offer because I have a little girl who loves to be outside playing with her two little friends. I remember when I was little I loved my little red wagon and pushing my dolls in it pretending it was the schoolbus. What fun my little girl will have now with this Roadmaster Steel Red Wagon.

But now, it's time for those Summer Fun Things we do in the Summer.

Many parents get apprehensive when summer vacation is coming up. They’ve had bad experiences before with their kids staying home and fighting all day long over the tiniest things. This doesn’t have to be your case. How many times have you listened to those “I’m so bored!” whiny complaints? If you take simple preventative steps you can plan out a fun summer vacation for everyone in your family!

Summer Activities In The Home

Play Games - Children of all ages love to play games. Consider having a family fun night once a week where everyone in the family plays games together. Make an evening of it by planning a special meal, perhaps having pizza delivered. Each week, let one child select the games that you’ll play. They can be board games, card games whichever game they feel like playing. There may be time to play more than one game. If you have enough people in your family, you may want to break into teams and play against each other. Having one parent per team is best. Have fun and enjoy each other.

Lots Of Fun Books - Getting lots of fun books to read together as a family is another idea. Go to a library and borrow lots of interesting books. Have a family reading night. Leave the books in places where the kids can easily access them.

Watching Movies - Watching movies that everyone in the family can enjoy is another fun activity you can do with your children. Have one person make a list of all the videos you would like to watch as a family, and then work your way through the list. Make some popcorn or a movie-themed snack, sit back, and enjoy yourselves.

Painting And Art - Kids are naturally creative. Buy some cool brushes and non toxic paint for them to do their own artwork at home. Big sheets of white paper will stimulate them to paint. They love it! For younger kids you can buy some of play dough sets and have them play with those. Just make sure you always put them in a closed recipient after you are done or else they will dry out.

Outdoor Summer Activities
Here are some places you can go over the summer:

Go To The Beach Or A Pool- Kids love to go swimming. Plan a day out with them. If you need to work then take your papers with you. Be sure to use clothespins and weights so things don’t fly away. That way you can multitask- watch them while getting things done. Make sure you are in a position where you can see them at all times. You can’t multitask like this though if your kids are very little. If they’re preschoolers or toddlers then you’ll need to give them your full attention when going to the beach or to a pool. One minute of distraction near the pool or beach can be very dangerous.

A Trip To The Zoo - Children love zoos. Being able to see all the different animals of the world is fun and educational. Check with a zoo nearby to see if they have discount days during the summer. Take the children to the zoo on that day. Another fun things to do is to give the kids some spending money to that they can purchase a souvenir. They always look forward to that.
Museum Day - Contrary to what many people think, museums are really fun. Science museums are especially fun because they have activities for the children to do for the various sections of the museum. If the museum that you are going to visit doesn’t have fun activities you can always plan fun activities according to theme of the museum. This may take a little more work but the kids will love it and be learning at the same time.
What do you do for SUMMER TIME FUN? Have A Great SUMMER Everyone!!! :o)


  1. Summer sure is fun. We always played in our backyard or went on trips. We had once been to a camping trip with many friends and relatives.
    Have a good day...:)

  2. LOL, summer is just another day for us. I wish we could have a change of season instead!!

    Happy Wednesday, Gina dear.

  3. I love summer when the kids were home. Now I have my grandkids during the day so we are busy doing many of the things you have posted. We also have a pool, so the afternoons are spent swimming and we invite a few or their friends over too. Can't say I get much done in the afternoons, but time spent with kids is never wasted!
    Hope you are having a good week:)

  4. Last summer was horrendous so this summer, I'm prepared! I got my girls signed up for summer camp, swimming lessons, arts and crafts, and when they're home, I've got workbooks ready and activities. You listed some great tips...I'm going to add to my list.