Monday, November 8, 2010


The idea behind HINT is simple: pure water, nature's original refreshment, accented with a hint of natural flavor. No sugar, no artificial sweeteners: HINT is a refreshing alternative to sodas, juice and other sweetened drinks and it tastes great.

I loved this product it doesn't have that odd 'candy' flavor most fruit based water do. Delightful taste, even the kids thought that it made good popsicles, great no calorie treat, and wonderful flavor.

A very slight flavor as the name indicates. Just a hint of flavor. It has a good smell. I like that it is not carbonated. As you can tell, I love this water can't recommend it highly enough.

Here are the flavors I got to review. Yum! :)

Mango Grapefruit -This is one of the nicest Hint's we've tried, as the mango lends a sweetness to the water that definitely alleviates "water fatigue" without becoming overwhelming or countering its thirst-quenching ability. That said, there's really no grapefruit taste and if you're looking for anything beyond a "hint" of mango you'd best look elsewhere.
Strawberry Kiwi - Although this might not be sweet enough to attract the youngsters there's definitely a nice taste of both strawberry and lime in this beverage.

Pomegranate Tangerine - This is easy our favorite Hint flavor, as the great smell and essence of pomegranate is infused so as to impart just the barest taste of the fruit's sweetness to the water. The clear, fruity label is also a pleasure to look at, but the tangerine that it promises really isn't present in the mix.
Raspberry Lime - This is a well-executed essence water, with a raspberry taste and smell that is throughly infused into the liquid, although it tends to wash out the lime a bit.
Watermelon - The watermelon flavor of Hint works quite well, which can certainly be attributed to the light level of sweetness that watermelon has in its natural form.
Visit HINT to learn of all their flavors and to order online. The flavors they have come in Cucumber, Raspberry-Lime, Blackberry, Honeydew-Hibiscus, Mango-Grapefruit, Pomegranate-Tangerine, Watermelon, Lime, Strawberry-Kiwi and Pear.

HINT is a pure healthy water lightly infused with natural flavors. Unsweetened. Lightly flavored. No calories.

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