Thursday, November 11, 2010


Sanani is one of the most desirable and exclusive coffees in the world. The rich smooth taste of their coffee is sought after by connoisseurs and coffee enthusiasts the world over. The Sanani brand represents a very unique and flavorful single-origin coffee. Each box of their coffee contains only the highest grade premium coffee from the finest regions Southern Arabia.

You will love the exceptional flavor of Sanani, The Original Mocha Coffee! Rich in taste, character and history, Sanani is a strong, flavorful coffee distinguished by its full body, good acidity and complex undertones. Their coffee is a single-origin Arabica coffee bean that has been a connoisseur favorite for centuries. The Sanani Coffee Company selects premium beans from the finest regions of Yemen.

Interestingly, in the last two decades mocha has come to be known as a coffee drink prepared using regular coffee and chocolate syrup. But, Sanani The Original Mocha Coffee is a pure single-origin coffee that some describe as one of the most wonderful and flavorful cups of coffee in the world.

Sanani is a perfect choice for breakfast, dinner, romantic evenings, or any time of the day. It compliments casual dining as well as elegant formal dinners. Celebrate any occasion with Sanani, The Original Mocha Coffee.

The most delicious coffee in the world. Mocha Sanani has a smooth taste and I found it to be a medium bodied coffee. It isn't a complex coffee either, you get one basic taste, the chocolate like overtone, unlike the livlier coffees grown just south in Kenya. The coffee is slighty sweet and very smooth. Rather than use a lot of coffee terms, let me describe Mocha Sanani in the simplest terms possible. It is delicious!
Rich and full flavor, chocolate! Yummy!!! Velvety smooth and almost creamery on the palate. It's like a delicious dessert.
Product Features:
*Contains one 8.8-0unce package of Grind Mattari
*100% pure single origin Arabica coffee Medium Ground for regular drip coffee makers
*The original mocha bean is not a flavored coffee, but a single-origin coffee with a very unique taste
*This coffee is packaged in a very sophisticated silver box which makes it a perfect gift
Indulge yourself with full-bodied richness with the whole beans, medium grind (coarse) and the medium grind (regular).
Whole Beans - Ordering the whole beans will allow you to grind the beans to suit your individual taste and preparation method.
Medium Grind (Coarse) - A coarse grind is optimal for use in French Press machines.
Medium Grind (regular) - The regular medium grind is used in drip coffee makers. Auto drip machines are the most common preparation method in the U.S.
Visit Sanani to learn more about this amazing original mocha coffee and to order it online for $19.95.

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