Friday, November 19, 2010


In today's economy, choosing the perfect gift for that guy or guys on the list means finding something that's both economical and practical. And since we're talking about guys, it pays to also get something that simply "does the job" without too much work or effect. We have just the thing...

WAHL Lithium Ion Trimmer
The first men's grooming tool to harness the power of lithium ion-the most advanced rechargeable battery available - The WAHL Lithium Ion Trimmer delivers twice the voltage of equivalent single-cell NiMh battery trimmers, plus twice the torque - helping to prevent snagging or pulling. It's also great for guys on the move - running three times longer and allowing for a one-minute quick charge (gives you just enough juice to trim your face once). The Lithium Ion Trimmer features WAHL's popular ground-blade design for a cleaner trim, and comes as a grooming kit with several different trimming, detailing and shaving heads and guards.

My husband has been using the WAHL Lithium Ion Trimmer and says it has made a different and he is very happy with the results. The WAHL will always cut closer and better. It charges quickly, and stays charged afterward for some time. Gives a great trim, nice and neat and no pulling. Has all the attachments you'll ever need. Easy to maintain and clean up.
There is no other brand I would recommend - WAHL trimmers are simply the highest quailty you can find in this place range that gives the closest trim on your face. Very comfy and a nice gift, my husband looks to trimming now that he has this wonderful trimmer in his life. I really don't think you can go wrong with this WAHL Lithium Ion Trimmer.
For more info, visit Suggested retail price: $49.99.

The WAHL Ion Groomer is the world's first trimmer to harness the power of Lithium Ion. With 3x the run time, 2x the power and 1 minute quick charge, the Lithium Ion is perfect groomer for any job.
WAHL can help you save money. And, with a little practice, home grooming can save you time as well. Let them show you how!!!


  1. I like the Wahl brand. When my little Lili Dog was still alive we had a Wahl grooming set for her. It sure saved us on taking her to the groomers, which I did for several years until our groomer no longer groomed and we had to take her to another groomer. She did not like the new groomers at all, and they nicked her more than once. So after the second chance I gave them with grooming her, I said I'm going to get a Wahl and do it myself. I did and was not disappointed, and my little dog was certainly happier.

  2. I have had nothing but the best of luck with Wahl trimmers. I have had facial hair for over 20 years and have owned a Wahl trimmer ever since college. They are durable and the blades never seemed to dull. I recently just bought the Lithium Ion and love it. Best of all the battery will actually hold a charge. Its a great product built by a great company.