Thursday, March 31, 2011


I was sent a whole cooler full of the new Weight Watchers Fresh Meals. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety offered. This new line of Weight Watchers Fresh Meals are fresh not frozen and can be found in the deli ready-to-go section of the grocery store. If you are a Weight Watchers member the PointsPlus are listed right on the front of the package. If you follow any other plan, full nutritional information is found on the side or back of the package. There are thirteen different meals in all, giving you tons of options. These new Weight Watchers Fresh Meals offer 13 different entrees and 6 fresh deli salads in addition to the ones shown here there is a rainbow pasta, seafood salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw and garden vegetables. In addition to the thirteen fresh meals, there are six new Weight Watchers fresh deli salads. These include a seafood salad in a lemon-dill dressing; chicken salad with dried cranberries; rainbow pasta salad with garden vegetables; potato salad in a creamy mustard dressing; macaroni salad with bell peppers and chives; and coleslaw with fresh carrots and onions. In each salad, there are two servings.

The meals are affordable as well. Only $2.99 for the fresh meals and between $1.99-$2.99 for the deli.

The roast turkey with a cranberry dressing topped with a seasoned turkey gravy was my favorite. The dressing was tasty with the addition of the cranberries. First I must admit that I really am a huge fan of potato salad. The chicken salad made a perfect sandwich for me at lunch time. I really liked this one! It is made with white meat, cranberries, celery and onion with a light mayonnaise.

I really enjoy trying the new Weight Watchers Fresh Meals. Give them a try especially if you are on a diet and trying to lose weight you will enjoy them while losing a few pounds!!! :)

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