Sunday, April 17, 2011


Wallie is mostly a wonderful dog, but his super-laziness has become a problem. So his boy convinces him to go on an adventure to get fit. With a little help from a big friend, Wallie learns how to exercise. Will he enjoy the change from pudgy pup to healthy hound or will he return to his lazy ways? Learn important fitness concepts while following Wallie on his hilarious journey to get in shape. A special section with more information and original exercises (performed by Wallie) will get every kid (and pup) excited about exercise. This is a very fun book, completely entertaining as a children's story, but at the same time planting the seeds of the importance of nutrition and exercise in the readers mind - while also gently nudging the reading parent to followup once the book is closed for the day. Books like this, so rich in story and beautiful in illustration, may just be the incentive to fight the growing problem of childhood obesity. It is a 'must have' book for children of all ages.
This makes a great group read and from experience I can tell you that it can lead to many good discussions with the little ones as to the importance of exercise and activity. I can most certainly recommend the addition of this one to your child's library or to any school and classroom library.

Steven Ettinger has produced a book that is sorely needed but presents it in a fun and engaging format. Parents should include this book in their children's library. It makes exercising fun for kids and their families. Highly recommended.

Full color illustrations and kid-friendly rhymes guide young readers through a day in the life of an extremely lazy dog named Wallie. However, this is no ordinary day, and as it progresses, Wallie gradually becomes aware that exercise does not always mean hard labor.

Otherwise, a good effort at reaching the generation who would much rather play video games than go outdoors. This is a cute illustrated book designed to get kids thinking about exercising, and to give parents ideas for facilitating exercise-promoting activities.

About the Author - Steve Ettinger is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer. He currently runs his own private training company in New York City.Originally from Southern California, Steve has always enjoyed staying active. Forever an avid soccer player, he has earned several coaching certifications and has spent years working and volunteering in youth sports and physical education. He began training clients while earning a psychology degree from Boston University and worked as a children s behavior therapist before deciding to dedicate himself to fitness full time.